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Ranch Life

There is no better life for us...

While dating in college Ev and I realized our dreams and goals alined. We both wanted to live on a ranch and raise our kid in that culture. Neither one of us had grown up in it but shared a fire and passion for everything it entailed. Fast forward fourteen years later we had lived on four beautiful ranches in Oklahoma. We are currently on the Fairfax division of Sooner Cattle Company where Ev serves as the unit manager. 

The rich culture of hard work, stewardship to the land, and dedication and animals makes you feel close to your maker. Those three things always come before any personal needs or comforts. As a ranch wife for going on a decade I could lie to you and say it's all been a great but the truth is way messier than that. Coming in to this I was absolutely no stranger to hard work or figuring things out. But, I was totally naive to the mental toughness required to maintain a successful marriage to a cowboy. That is something that has come with time and maturity. What I can say is that it's all   been a thousand percent worth it. And I would choose this life and this man over and over again.


What's New?

Evan and I have been preparing these two fantastic geldings for next weekends Triangle Horse on the 26th of January. We have owned, " Floyd" (the one I am riding) for six years. It will be hard to see him go but I am excited for what his future holds. It is a goal of ours to be known for raising and turning out great horses and we are starting to see that goal become a reality.

Myers Kids

Winter blues...

We have a bit of cabin fever here at the Myers house. Every day that is remotely tolerable we bundle up and catch their pony "Pix". We are in the "Sissy" can lead you era. And whenever she complains I just remind her of the thousands of miles I walked so she could ride.

dreaming of  warmer temps...

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