Hey Friends, 

First of all I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to drop by my page. 


I guess this is the part that I tell you a little about Lantana Made, and myself so here goes-


My name is Emily; I am the owner, creator, and designer of Lantana Made. This business came to be from many different blessings and bumps in the road.


I grew up in rural Oklahoma on a modest farm where we raised limousin cattle and quarter horses. I always had goals of striking out and going to a good college majoring in interior design. From there I just knew I would move somewhere like Dallas or even New York and start my career.


Little did I know someone had much bigger and better things in store for me. I did receive a bachelor’s degree in Interior Merchandising and Design from Oklahoma State University. While there, I met a tall, lanky, sweet cowboy who, I, of course, fell in love with.

Evan and I dated the rest of the way through college, keeping each other focused on our own individual goals. He transferred to Texas


Christian University and completed the Ranch Management program, and then crossed working on a wagon for “summer works” off his bucket list.  During that time, I studied abroad in Greece and completed a valued internship in the Fort Worth Stock Yards.


We were married in December of 2014. At that time Evan was working for the Stuart Ranch and I found myself in love in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. I took a job at a local bank shortly after I moved in. On the weekends I had to find someway to let my creative side out, so I got the crazy idea to cut up some newer Navajo saddle blankets I had and make purses out of them. With a needle and thread I sewed three purses and two sets of boot covers. I started carrying my creations and to my surprise people would stop me and ask me where I bought them.  It was then that I began throwing the idea around of maybe starting a business.


Soon after that I got the opportunity to be the Visual Merchandiser at Miranda Lamberts boutique-The Pink Pistol in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. I learned a lot from my time there, but as much as I enjoyed it I wanted something of my own. I didn’t forget my dream and passed up on several cute pairs of shoes to be able to purchase my leather sewing machine.


Evan got an opportunity as Foreman on the Dick Drummond Ranch and we moved. Again, I found myself in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma with no job opportunities that excited me.  With no excuses not to take a leap of faith and start my own business, I set down at my sewing machine. I made my first five purses from upholstery fabric I had planned on making myself some throw pillows out of.  Those first five purses took me at least three weeks, and a heck of a lot of tears. I put them up online and prayed to the good Lord someone would buy them.


And they did!


And so it began. I learn more and more with every piece I create. I absolutely love what I do and where I do it. I say all this to say, or to actually quote, one of my favorite songs by Kaitlin Butts-  “you can bloom no matter where you are, you don’t have to live in the sky to be a star. You don’t have to be the sun to shine, baby just be mine”.


Thanks again,